I myself would say, I easily learned to read emotions and react adequate. It helped me survive. But it doesn’t make me happier. There were times I wished for not being an empath. I wouldn’t say autistic people aren’t empathic. I would say they have problems to filter. But I’m not sure if I’m right though I am no autist just an eremit;) #autism #empathy

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I was grown up with children of different neurologies. Three of them on the autistic spectrum, including myself. I have never had problems to communicate with them, whether on a nonverbal or a verbal way. We’ve learned sign-language at an early age and had a very social interaction towards each other. We loved each other. Because nobody loved us, our high level of empathy towards each other made us survive. Our care-mother was a very violent person who punished and tortured us over eighteen years. We had to function the way she wanted it. But because we couldn’t, we had to stand the torture. At some days we did not speak a word, though words would have been there to share…our surroundings silenced us. At home and in school we’ve got the ’slightly retarded‘ label very quickly and so there was nothing more to expect of us. At some days…

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