I myself would say, I easily learned to read emotions and react adequate. It helped me survive. But it doesn’t make me happier. There were times I wished for not being an empath. I wouldn’t say autistic people aren’t empathic. I would say they have problems to filter. But I’m not sure if I’m right though I am no autist just an eremit;) #autism #empathy

Ein Gedanke zu “#lovenotfear

  1. Most people on the autism spectrum are too highly empathic. That’s what gives them a hard time with sorting things out. Through hyper focus, we feel into, see on, through and around
    and listen close, far and inside our and other bodies. It’s a struggle always have to keep doors shut, which can’t be locked at all. That’s what makes them often appear in unempathic or stale light. I guess even ‚empathy‘ is a term of definition.

    😉 Hugs.

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